Sketches from Michele Trenti's essays

Entertainment and Culture

Appunti di Michele Trenti

The words "entertainment" and "culture" are increasingly being used improperly, with confusion arising from the fact that, particularly in the field of music, the two are often present together in the same event. In addition, for practical reasons, the relevant offices at an institutional level are generally in charge of both activities. It must also be emphasized that the concepts underlying both cases are quite different. Entertainment is thought of in terms of entertainment, leisure, fashions, whereas culture in terms of exploration, concentration, experimentation, universal values. The two’s objectives and tools are not similar. As is often the case, it is wrong for culture to look for the same kind of comparisons from the public that are typical of entertainment, in relation to which, under certain respects, it will always be the loser. If entertainment, considered a societal safety valve—the Roman "bread and circuses"— has always received greater attention, culture has its own peculiar origins, aims and criteria that must not be misunderstood and which make it a form of entertainment, albeit one often expensive and less "successful”.