Sketches from Michele Trenti's essays

That Which Remains

Appunti di Michele Trenti

Art is a quintessential human activity in which whatever has substantial intrinsic value survives the inexorable oblivion of time, independent of passing fads. The reasons why art endures and fashion moves on are inherent to the very concepts of art and fashion. Even if this phenomenon should not be surprising, it seems impossible, in the daily media bombardment, that the fate of most successful popular products is so ephemeral, whereas those manifestations of thought that fail to find a place and dissemination in the present may later establsih themselves and stand the test of time. The mechanism works today, like in the past, as a result of the selection that other artists make of their predecessors’ work—more rarely, unfortunately of their contemporaries’—through collecting, studying, and developing the best of what originated from them. Through this filter and the passage of those who recognize their mission in the art, the messages contained in the most noteworthy works, which thereby display their own productivity, are brought to the "public", in a continuous process that has created the cultural and spiritual baggage of our civilization.