Sketches from Michele Trenti's essays

Distances between Musical Worlds

Appunti di Michele Trenti

As we perceive everywhere, no time before ours has ever seen such a distance between the every-day music that we listen to and that surrounds us and the so-called classical music. Of course, never has so much music been "consumed" as today, owing to an ease of distribution previously unimaginable. The enormous quantitative increase in demand has almost certainly lowered the quality offered. Yet it is also true that the strategic choices made by organizers, artistic directors, and composers themselves have helped to undermine the relationship between musicians and an audience already been severely undermined by the inadequacy of school programs. As regards most institutional programming, the works constantly being put forward have been selected based on criteria unrelated to artistic quality and that are the result of incompetence, ideology, or lobbying. If anything, there is no room for works of quality whose characteristics also serve as a “link” between the viewpoints of the public at large and the expressive needs of the professionals. For anyone whose job is scheduling musical activities, a knowledgeable expertise and the necessary sense of responsibility are the requirements for gradual re-building the relationship of trust between the professional elite and music lovers and listeners.