Sketches from Michele Trenti's essays

Simple Observations on Creativity

Appunti di Michele Trenti

Every artist is familiar with that sensation that comes when creativity is unleashed as well as with moments of creative impotence. From the outside, it can be said that no artist has produced any works while always maintaining the same level of expressive output. Each period of low productivity related to a drop in creative energy is followed by the sudden return of inspiration, as if an obstacle or an inhibition has been removed that was preventing entry to the deepest levels of consciousness. Some of the factors that can overcome these barriers and free one’s creativity are an overpowering yearning for something, great distress, or particularly intense feelings. The latter two generally need time to develop into a creative urge, initially provoking a passive state that is transformed into action only afterward. It has been observed that walking in the open air often helps to free the imagination more easily, perhaps because movement is an effectiveness means of "distracting" those processes that hold back the conscious mind. It is no coincidence that the Peripatetics of ancient Greece used to walk as a way to deal with philosophical problems, nor that Beethoven, accompanied by his notebooks, frequently composed during his long walks.